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McCormix Corp

Since the beginning of the Thomas Fire and then the subsequent Montecito mudslide we were faced with a herculean task of getting fuel to not only the first responders but subsequent contractors who were involved in disaster relief. Many local companies worked 24/7 to help those so tragically affected by these disasters. McCormix utilized small delivery trucks to access almost impassable roads to get to those companies. Every local contractor, trucking, towing, heavy equipment operator, electrical, emergency and utility company were there. We were so proud to be pitching in and helping our business partners, neighbors, and friends.

Key Challenges & Solutions: Equipment came on line faster than we could record. Wethosing tractors, compressors, and light towers were added all times of the day and night. Most challenging was access. Road checkpoints, closures, and blocks seemed every street. Drivers maneuvered endlessly to get to the needed destinations.

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McCormix Corp’s Expert Tip:

If you have standby equipment in case of an emergency make sure you do and know the following: How much fuel is in your tank? Always keep your tanks full How long will your equipment run when utilized in emergency? Many were unsure of usage- and caused undue stress and worry about running out. Do you have an emergency plan in place? Keep a list of contacts, emergency numbers, and cell numbers to call.

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McCormix Corp | Fueling Montecito

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