SBCA 2018 Construction Awards:
First Three Submissions


Sea Cliff

Our client was in the throes of a “mid-century, mid-Pacific” remodel of a rundown1960s spec house when she engaged us to design and install landscaping for the project. She envisioned environmentally-friendly gardens that would attract and support wildlife and require little maintenance. She wanted the landscape to reflect both the home’s style and to support her lifestyle. A place for family and friends to come together and enjoy one another’s company. A welcoming, casual, comfortable place to entertain. A highly talented cook, the homeowner wanted spaces for outdoor cooking, food prep, food service and dining. And, as a patron of the arts, she wanted a place of beauty, inspiration and not a little artistry. Set high on the top of the ocean bluff, the site was subject to typical seaside conditions which had to be considered in both the design and construction of the project. High winds and salt air make the growing environment challenging. The soft, steep bluff requires protection from both land movement and surface erosion. And those half-finished (and half-baked) landscape elements would have to be dealt with. Grades would have to be rectified. And soil remediation was needed – stat!



This 19,310 square foot building plus 5,937 square foot roof deck features more than 70 exhibits including an interactive rooftop water feature, professional quality sound booths, hands on 3-D printers, color and light mixing machine, and 5 different rooftop observation scopes (periscope, thermal imaging, telescope, kaleidoscope, and LIDAR). Moxi is the first LEED Gold certified museum in Santa Barbara County, achieving 24% energy efficiency over Title 24 requirements, 42% water use reduction, and 29% of materials containing post and pre-consumer recycled content. Partnering with the client, architect, design engineers, consultants, exhibit designers and installers, the City of Santa Barbara, archaeologists, and subcontractors in a seamless manner was the key to this projects success.



When the scope of the project increases but the timeline does not…and Mother Nature decides to interrupt in an unimaginable way, you dig extra deep to meet the client’s expectations. The project began mid-springtime with a completion date by the end of the year…then December brought devastating fires followed by deadly mudslides in January. The scope of work began with a simple kitchen remodel and expanded to a complete residence redesign and renovation inclusive of nine bathrooms, all site work, entry grounds, pool, tennis court, and gym. Although every project has a budget and timeline, the largest challenge was the unwavering deadline for a wedding planned at the home, and completing the work despite fires and floods.


About SBCA’s Construction Awards:

Come help us celebrate the amazing work done by our members at the 2018 SBCA’s Biennial Construction Awards Banquet. For a fun twist, we decided our theme is Boots & Suits, so polish your favorite pair of boots, nicest suit jacket (or cocktail dress) and join us for a great event! Black Tie or Bolo tie…it’s up to you!

Seating is limited and this event sells out quickly, so we recommend reserving your seat early!


Construction Submissions | Teaser Part One!

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