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Brighten Solar Co.

Brighten Solar Co. recently installed three solar photovoltaic systems on the rooftops of the Deckers Brands headquarters in Goleta, CA. The three systems represent a power of about (400) kW and will offset about a third of the total electricity consumed on campus. Additionally, the system will offset about 433 tons of CO2 emissions each year. This project is part of a global commitment of the company towards sustainability and our community. We loved working with the Deckers teams and are excited to have contributed to their progress toward environmental protection.

Key Challenges & Solutions: The structure of the existing roof composed of foam and metal made it particularly challenging from a structural engineering standpoint. In order to make this project feasible while keeping the roofs integrity and warranty, our engineers designed a custom attachment system compatible and certified by our racking system.

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Brighten Solar’s Expert Tip:

There are still lots of misconceived notions about solar. Before going solar, do your due diligence and request at least 3 quotes. Ask for the companies references and check them diligently. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the sales representatives; even though the technology isn’t exactly new, most people don’t understand it and that’s okay. The more questions the better for everybody. Solar is a no-brainer in most cases but it is important to understand and manage your expectations.

Brighten Solar Co. | Deckers

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