Ho’okipa Design & Construction

I am currently the owner & co-founder of Ho’okipa Design and Construction (circa 2018), a full-service Interior Design and construction firm focusing on residential and commercial projects. J Scott Quittner (co-founder & General Contractor), and I (Interior Designer/ Architect), combine innovative ideas, design expertise, and technical skill sets to create and revitalize spaces. Our mission is to inspire tasteful and cohesive contexts with contemporary boldness and timeless sophistication. While we deliver products with the utmost excellence and professionalism, we remain grounded in the values of Ho’okipa (Ho‘okipa refers to the Native Hawaiian value of hospitality and giving. In a traditional Hawaiian context, Ho‘okipa goes beyond simple acts of politeness. Instead, it serves as a custom that offers generosity & selflessly extends oneself to all people & cultures).

I grew up on the North West coast of Spain, in the town of Pontevedra. With a brief background in Law, my path to a career in design has been roundabout. During my first year of Law School, I was particularly drawn to alternative disciplines: engineering and architecture. Alongside my Law School studies, I dedicated much of my time to collaborating with engineers and architects, building drafts and models from scratch. I became intrigued by the culture and work surrounding concepts combining art and geometry, which soon translated into a passion for design.

This newfound career purpose drove me to enroll in the Superior Technical School of Architecture of La Coruña University (ETSAC), where I studied Interior Architecture. Four years later, I received my Master’s in Interior Design and graduated at the top of my class, Magna Cum Laude.

I strive to continue to excel in my field, demonstrating a reliable and unwavering craft dedicated to the cohesive, functional, and inventive manipulation of space. My thoughtfulness, distinctive Spanish flair, and aesthetic eye bring life to any interior setting, consistently producing beautifully calibrated work. Alongside the professional application of interior architecture fundamentals, I have also curated a distinctive design style. While my perspective is predominantly characterized by clean, simple, and timeless designs, I am confident working in various styles, resulting in a rich collection of work that can accommodate diverse clientele.