Young Air Inc.

Christa started her career in the construction industry in March of 2002 as an Administrative Executive assistant for Rodney Utt of Utt Construction Inc, who mentored and trained her as she grew her role in the company up through becoming a managing officer, constantly wearing many hats to help out including project estimating, writing and negotiating construction contracts, business administration and payroll, project management (a favorite of hers,) and after Rodney retired in early 2015, she continued managing operations alongside 2 fellow coworkers who took over ownership until leaving the company in 2022.

While still working at Utt Construction during the economic slowdown, in 2010, Christa along with life partner, Ezra Young, started Young Air, Inc (HVAC & Sheet Metal) and also took on a financial management role at Matt Shaw Concrete, which has grown into an Officer role of the company and managing the business along with Matt Shaw.

Outside of the construction field, Christa has also simultaneously served on executive boards in the nonprofit field with several nonprofits since 2002 including 3 – 501c3s, a 501c4, and a couple 501c7 organizations.

In her personal life, Christa is kept busy caring for her different animals (dogs, cats, horses, & a tortoise,) competing in Ranch Cattle Sorting events, teaching beginner foundation riding lessons, and playing coed soccer & softball in local Santa Barbara County sport leagues.

SBCA holds a special place for her as it was a great tool for growth in the industry for her over the past 20 years, and she looks forward to being able to give back to the organization to help continue these opportunities for new upcoming industry professionals and new companies alike within the organization.