For an additional $200 annually, members of the Santa Barbara Contractors Association can view (and bid on) project information and documents (plans, specs, and addenda) via our Golden State Builders Exchange (GSBE) Online Planroom.

Interested in getting more bids? The Santa Barbara Contractors Association will upload your construction project to the SBCA Online Planroom where your plans will be connected to our local community as well as our statewide community through GSBE. Your project will be hosted for the duration of the bidding process and held in archives after the bid has been awarded.

Access Online Planroom


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Online Planroom Benefits

  • Unlimited access 24/7 View, print and download the entire collection of SBCA plans and specs, or only the sections you need from your office, 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.
  • Security that all downloads will be safe and virus free.
  • Immediate posting of addenda and project updates.
  • Direct email to SBCA to be put on the bidders list or email the projects contacts.
  • Project activity viewing allows members to see which SBCA members have an interest in the project.
  • Daily notifications – Members can set up their planroom to notify them new jobs, addenda, or updates. Members can set notifications to search new jobs for specific keywords that apply specifically to their company’s scope of work.
  • Copy orders can be placed from inside the planroom for pick up or delivery.
  • Easily search projects in the planroom by a wide variety of criteria. Members can search for archived projects in the database.
  • Take off tools can be downloaded from the planroom to help you measure and view your project in more detail.
  • MY DESK feature allows members to save project information and set up for email notifications.
  • Up to five usernames for members company for the SBCA online planroom.
  • Private Online Planroom allows project owners to view their projects in a private, secure, password-protected forum that will allow members to send project to selected sub-contractors or suppliers. (Additional fees apply.)
  • Webinar trainings are available to help walk members through the planroom.
  • Try the planroom 24 hour day pass, $25 fee.
  • One year access, $200 fee. Must be a member of the SBCA, with paid annual membership dues.