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Hiring a Contractor

The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) protects consumers by licensing and regulating California's construction industry. You can check the status of a contractor's license by visiting and view the Check The License First video.

Ten Tips to Hire a Contractor

Please click on the following links to find out what you need to know before you hire a licensed contractor.

After a Disaster
10 Tips for Making Sure Your Contractor Measures Up
What You Should Know Before You Hire a Licensed Contractor


New Mechanics Lien Release Forms Available on CSLB Website

Updated forms reflect legal changes that took effect July 1, 2012

New Forms


Safety Services

First Aid CPR Training and Certification

One of the many benefits the Santa Barbara Contractors Association offers to its members is our First Aid and CPR Training. This five hour course is offered to all of our members in both English and Spanish. Please take a look at our Calendar for all upcoming courses.

Tailgate Safety Topics

Every week the Santa Barbara Contractors Association sends out a Weekly Tailgate Safety topic to all members. The Weekly Tailgate Safety topics and articles can also be viewed online in the SBCA Weekly Newsletter.  For more tailgate and other safety topics please visit


The Santa Barbara Contractors Association and Cal OSHA Consultation offer a wide variety of safety classes, seminars and training. Please visit the SBCA Calendar for upcoming classes. For more information on Cal OSHA please click the following link:

Cal OSHA Pocket Guide

Please click on the following link for a copy of the Cal OSHA Pocket Guide for the Construction Industry (Online Version with 2007 Update)

This publication was prepared by Cal OSHA for use by workers, employers, supervisors, job stewards, and safety personnel. It is meant to serve as a quick field reference.

Cal OSHA Safety Compliance

Please click on the following link for Cal OSHA Safety Compliance information, updates and publications

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program, Heat Illness Prevention Program, Code of Safe Practices, Hazard Communication Program, Emergency Action Plan, Fire prevention Plan, Supervisors - Safety "Compliance, Multi-Employer Job Sites, Cal OSHA Recordkeeping & Reporting

Importance of Safety Training

Routine work can dull alertness and a relaxed attitude can replace the caution that existed when the job was new and interesting. In many jobs the same route is traveled daily over the same roads or the same tasks are repeated with little conscious thought. Without some periodic reawakening to the ever-present hazards, lethargy deepens and the odds of an accident occurring can increase.

Workers may not always recognize the importance of safety training or think of it as unnecessary because they’ve "been doing it for years." But an important benefit of periodic safety training is the reminder that a danger can exist and the no one is immune to accidents. Therefore, it is important for workers to understand the purpose of the training session, why it will be useful to them, and what can result from not following safety rules and procedures.

The safety training should be organized so that the order in which the material is presented will match the steps that should be taken on the job. Make sure every worker understands the training material; not just that they were present or a test was given. Insist on questions from trainees after a session to tell you what did or didn't sink in. This will let you know what has to be reviewed again. If there's a general lack of understanding of hazards or safety rules and practices, schedule another safety meeting or plan a refresher course for a later date.

Employees should be able to immediately practice and apply new knowledge and skills. If workers don't understand safety training information well enough to use it on the job, the training has not been effective. There should be immediate feedback if workers are doing their job safely or not. Supervisors should watch employees do their jobs and question them, to identify what they do, or don't, know.

Most of these tips are relatively simple and inexpensive solutions, but the safety payoff can be enormous. Remember, training is only effective when workers understand, and use, what they've learned. It takes less than a second to lose the rest of your life.

Importance of Safety Training article Courtesy of the State Compensation Insurance Fund, for more tailgate, and other safety topics please visit The above evaluations and/or recommendations are for general guidance only and should not be relied upon for legal compliance purposes. They are based solely on the information provided to us and relate only to those conditions specifically discussed. We do not make any warranty, expressed or implied, that your workplace is safe or healthful or that it complies with all laws, regulations or standards.

Every week the Santa Barbara Contractors Association sends out a Weekly Tailgate Safety topic to all members. The Weekly Tailgate Safety topics and articles can also be viewed online in the SBCA Weekly Newsletter.

Group Workers' Comp Insurance

The SBCA and 25 Builder's Exchanges in California have joined to form the Golden State Builders Exchange (GSBE). Participation in this program may significantly reduce the cost of your workers' compensation premiums over a State Compensation Insurance Fund individual policy. Qualifying SBCA members are eligible for a 6% discount. Ask to be placed into the Group 821. Please call the SBCA office for more information and a conversion form. If you are already with State Fund, please call us or your broker to see if you qualify for this group program.

SBCA Safety Library

Safety Library Resources are available and may be checked out from the library at no cost to current SBCA Members in good standing.

Resources Available:

  • Cal OSHA Pocket Guide for the Construction Industry, by Cal OSHA
  • Consultation & SCIF Construction Safety Orientation, by SCIF
  • Fall Protection Guidebook for Residential Framers, by Cal OSHA Consultation & SCIF
  • Fire Safety, by SCIF & Brenton Safety
  • GSBE Safety Directory-Listing of Services and Trainers, by GSBE
  • Guide to Cal OSHA Safety Compliance**, by SBCA
  • Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), by SCIF
  • Personal Fall Protection, by Coastal Safety
  • Sun Safety for Outdoor Workers

** The Guide to Cal OSHA Safety Compliance is only available for viewing or purchase at the SBCA office, and may not be checked out from the library.

Safety Postings


In California, all employers must meet workplace posting obligations. Please click the links above for workplace postings available from the Department of Industrial Relations and from Cal OSHA


SBCA Safety Contact

Karin Perissinotto, SBCA Executive Director









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