What Is Built Green Santa Barbara?

Built Green is a network of contractors, builders, developers, architects, designers, subcontractors, suppliers, lenders, and real estate agents working together to improve quality of life in Santa Barbara.

Built Green is a voluntary, building program designed to create market distinction for builders and architects who incorporate "green" building practices into their projects. The program offers 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-Star levels that are self-certifying. The Built Green logo and the program behind it bring real value and meaningful benefits to builders, architects, homeowners and building owners.

Built Green Focuses on Green Features Consumers Want

Consumer surveys show a rapidly increasing interest in environmentally friendly or "green" home features like those promoted through the Built Green program. Today's home buyers seek greater comfort and health, increased durability, and the satisfaction of knowing they are protecting the environment.

You are probably including many Built Green features in your projects already. By offering a home or commercial building certified in the Built Green program, you help consumers instantly recognize the extra care you put into building their project and into protecting our environment. The Built Green logo tells them you're offering a structure that's extra energy-efficient, healthier indoors, and crafted with superior workmanship.

How Does Built Green Work?

The Built Green program has been designed for builders, architects and developers by builders to set standards of excellence in Santa Barbara. It focuses on actions that can make a significant impact on housing, health, and the environment and are readily "do-able" in Santa Barbara County today.

Building projects are qualified using a Built Green checklist organized into six environmentally friendly action categories. Builders and architects use the checklist prior to construction to determine which features to include in the project. When construction is complete, the builder or architect sends a signed copy of the checklist to the SBCA, certifying that the project identified in the application contains the identified features. Based upon that builder/architect certification and verification where applicable, and after reviewing the application, the SBCA will award the appropriate Certificate of Merit indicating that the project has achieved a 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or 5- star rating.

Features included in the Built Green checklist include:

Green Codes :: As a builder, you are required to meet local & state energy, air quality, water efficiency, and stormwater management standards. Built Green recognizes you for meeting these standards.

Site & Water Protection :: Built Green offers a variety of common-sense site and water protection and development techniques you can use to earn points.

Energy Efficiency :: Push your project beyond the energy code! Your project will earn points and your customer will enjoy increased comfort and reduced energy bills.

Health and Air Quality :: Promote good air quality, before, during, and after construction. Your clients and crews will be both healthier and safer.

Materials Efficiency :: Numerous options help you reduce job-site waste, saving both you and your customer money. By using resource-efficient materials, you not only reduce the impact of construction on the environment, you get credit for doing it!

Environmentally Responsible Home Ownership :: This category recognizes the importance of making certain the Built Green home stays "green." By integrating homeowner education in your approach you provide your customers with value-added services.

Join the Built Green Team!
Make sure your projects earn the Built Green logo. You can join by filling out the membership application. A fee schedule is provided with the form. The participation fees for builders and architects vary with whether or not the builder/architect is a member of the Santa Barbara Contractors Association. If you are not a member of the SBCA, you can learn more about member benefits here.

Associates can join the program, as well. Contact Built Green Santa Barbara at info@sbcontractors.org to find out how you can become part of the Built Green team.

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